Posted on July 11, 2012 in Poetry

hello, old friend
you crazy shining diamond
you tripping king of Neverland
you salt-encrusted speck of sand
who washed ashore
cleansed of everything
you were when i adored you
a new man
who one day
stole the throne of Peter Pan

i have come to say goodbye
to the children we were
in our previous life
to our houses in the suburbs
and our corn cob hash pipes
to that smile
bright as Broadway
and still as wide
to your checkered hats
and wooden crosses
and my secret shortcuts
through forests
and underneath the bridges
that crowned the Sturgeon River
to ever again existing
in the same sphere
in the same part of the Universe

hello, old friend
and so much more
my very first enemy in love’s many wars
my coming of age story
my scarmaker
my very first heartbreaker
you midsummer night’s dream
you pixie
dancing in and out of my memory
whenever you please
through the portal
of the very first mark you left on me
in our previous life

i have come to say goodbye
to visit Neverland for awhile
but we both know i don’t belong
and shouldn’t stay long
and for the very first time
after all these years
i can finally tell you i no longer
crave an explanation
for why there was no explanation
we were just kids
i’m trying something new
by just accepting what is
and i can finally wish you well
in the crazy life you found
with your mermaid
and her child with your smile
bright as Broadway
and just as wide